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King & Tuckfield

With a focus on slow fashion, a specialty in UK tailor made jeans and material such as super premium merino, King & Tuckfield’s story starts with Stacey’s Grandmother ‘Joan Marion KING’ – an East London 1940s ballet dancer and Father ‘Graham Aubrey TUCKFIELD’ – a Yorkshire miner, a WWII paratrooper and a tailor. At a time when rigid denim was worn down the N. England mines and wool was the layer of choice under army uniforms and ballet dancing.

The unfolding narrative of her family’s history finds its way into contemporary and timeless designs, not only in terms of shape, but also in material with provenance. The aim of the brand is to create product that lasts a person’s lifetime and be handed down to the next generation, allowing each wearer to write their own story by wearing it. Like a time when a family picture would feature a plethora of colours and fabrics that stand the test of time to this day. It’s these family albums that Stacey uses as an inspiration for her collections. A place where time might have stopped, but values and stories are ever-present.