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SS21: A View From Asia – Andrew Keith

Andrew Keith, the president of Lane Crawford and Joyce, discusses the evolving Asian buying markets in the times of a pandemic. Keith talks on how the markets have been affected, China’s future potential, Hong Kong’s gradual progression and the power of collaborative ways of working.

Kirna Zabéte’s Beth Buccini On The SS21 North American Markets

Beth Buccini, Owner And Founder of Kirna Zabéte, talks on how the North American markets have adjusted and manoeuvred throughout the pandemic. Buccini discusses how the markets have been affected by the political climate, how the customer’s needs and wants have changed and what stores are doing to move forward.

Ikram Goldman Speaks With Marco Vianello

Ikram Goldman, Founder and Owner of Chicago-based store Ikram, speaks with Tomorrow’s Head of Sales Marco Vianello as part of our Retailer’s Interview series. The duo discusses the digital New York Fashion Week, spotlighting the likes of Rodarte and Duncan, working in this chaotic pandemic and retail market and what women will want in the next sixth months.